Released in Japan on 27 April 1997, Star Fox 64 delivered an immersive cinematic experience, and Nintendo heavily marketed it as such.

It was the first game to support the N64’s Rumble Pak accessory (which also celebrates its 20th anniversary this month), allowing you to feel each hit, crash and explosion. The game’s successful inclusion of force feedback popularised the feature, to the point that it became standard across all major consoles within a single generation.

Sector Y surprise attack in Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64 was also renowned for its voice-acting, which was unusual for N64 games at the time due to the limited storage space afforded by N64 cartridges.

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Star Fox 64 didn’t release in North America until 30 June 1997, while PAL territories had to wait until 20 October 1997 to play Fox McCloud’s N64 outing.