UPDATED 18 April 2017: zoinkity has released an updated version of the patch (v1.01), making the patch compatible with the EverDrive 64 V3. We’ve removed the mention of this known issue from the original story below now that it has been resolved.

Densha de Go! 64 snowy train line

Original story: Created by N64 ROM hacker “zoinkity” and translator “mikeryan”, the patch translates all HUD and menu elements into English. What’s truly impressive, however, is that English-language support for the North American version of the Nintendo 64 Voice Recognition Unit has also been added.

Densha de Go! 64 platform scoring screen

The patch first appeared on the Shooters Forever forum and ROMhacking.net on 1 April 2017 – thankfully, it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day prank. You can use this patched version with a PC-based N64 emulator or on a flashcart device such as the EverDrive 64.

YouTuber ShiryuGL has uploaded the following video showing English gameplay:

What is Densha de Go! 64?

While relatively unknown in the West due to being a Japanese exclusive, Densha de Go! 64 is part of a long-running line of train simulation games developed by Taito. It uses a bespoke peripheral, the Densha de Go! 64 controller, which resembles a real-life train control system (albeit simplified).

The game, which we recently featured in our offbeat article, N64 games that are like second jobs, is remarkably difficult.

How do I get the patch?

You can download the patch from the Densha de Go! 64 translation page on ROMhacking.net. You will need a ROM of the game and an xdelta patcher to apply the patch. The download includes a README file containing instructions for the localised VRU voice commands.

Our thanks go to SubDrag for providing us with this news tip.

Sources: Shooters Forever forums, ROMhacking.net