It’s the first wireless N64 controller in the world according to 8bitdo’s website. Except, it isn’t.

It’s a confusing statement, given that Retro-Bit already released a wireless N64 controller a few years back called the Wireless Super Retro 64 Controller. And not even that was the first; there were a few models of wireless controllers available during the N64’s heyday (although they weren’t very good).

Not only that, but this new controller doesn’t even work with the N64. However, there’s a possibility that 8bitdo will release a wireless receiver for the N64, as it has done with wireless controllers it has made for other retro systems.

8bitdo wireless N64 controller

So what does it (currently) do? Well, it’s compatible with MAC OSX, Windows, iOS, Android and the Wii U. So you can use it to play N64 games through an emulator on certain systems and devices, as well as other games (although you may need to configure it first).

The controller is supposedly designed to look and feel just like Nintendo’s official controller. It’s not clear from the controller’s product page whether it is compatible with N64 memory cards and rumble packs.

You can buy the controller from 8bitdo’s website for $49.99 (excluding postage and packaging).

Source: 8bitdo