Nintendo UK has confirmed that F-Zero X will be available to purchase from its Wii U eShop on Thursday 3 November. Better yet, it’s the vastly superior NTSC 60hz version.

European N64 owners were unfortunately saddled with an unoptimised 50hz version of F-Zero X when it first released in November 1998. This PAL version runs roughly 17% slower than the NTSC version and features ugly black borders around the screen. Given that F-Zero X is a high-speed racing game designed to deliberately feel fast, it was absurd that Nintendo did not even bother to at least optimise the game for PAL territories.

N64 games on Wii U have a tendency to output a darker/dimmer image than the original hardware, although they do look a lot sharper. Nintendo UK has released a trailer, which we’ve included below, so you can see for yourself.

The game will cost £8.99/€9.99 and will be fully playable off-TV via the Wii U GamePad’s screen.

Source: Nintendo Life