Building on the success of Top Gear Rally, Boss Game Studios pulled out all the stops to make World Driver Championship one of the N64’s most technically impressive racing games.

The development team really got the most out of the system, resulting in a game with considerable draw distances, high-poly models, highly detailed textures and realistic lighting effects. It even features a high-resolution mode, enabling you to play the game in 640 x 480, although it displays in a letterbox screen format. What makes this all even more impressive is that World Driver Championship achieves all of this without requiring an N64 Expansion Pak.

In terms of actual game content, World Driver Championship isn’t quite as impressive, particularly when compared to contemporary rivals such as Sony’s Gran Turismo for PS1. It doesn’t feature licensed vehicles – which may be a turn-off for purists – but there are over 30 cars that are at least based on real-life vehicles. There are 10 different tracks set across locations such as Hawaii, Kyoto and Rome.