Terraform a plot of land to create lakes of water that you then evaporate with meteorites. Confused? Welcome to the crazy puzzle game that is Wetrix!

There really isn’t any other game like Wetrix – well, except for a PS2 sequel it received. Designed and developed by the Pickford brothers, Wetrix was borne out of an entirely different project involving vampires. One of the concepts in this project involved creating in-game water that behaved in a realistic manner. Playing around with this water mechanic eventually led to the brothers creating a full game with it as the core feature.

Wetrix’s gameplay is similar to Tetris, in that objects fall from the sky. These objects modify the topography of the land below it, and the aim is to use them to create craters. Every so often, water droplets will fall and you need to contain these in the craters. You then evaporate these pools using meteorites. It sounds simple enough, but deciding how many pools to build (and how deep) – while dealing with random rockets and meteorities every so often – is the tricky part.

The game also features a two-player battle mode.

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