Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding is a decent game that released at the wrong time.

Developed by Boss Game Studios, the team behind Top Gear Rally, Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding was expected to be another success for the developer. However, there was one big snag that got in the way: Nintendo’s 1080 Snowboarding, which released in early 1998.

When 1080 Snowboarding launched, Boss Game Studios knew it had no chance of competing, and so it took the decision to hold the game back for improvements. Sadly, this extra time didn’t amount to any ground-breaking changes; when Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding finally released in November 1998, it was clear that Nintendo’s earlier effort outclassed it in virtually every way.

That said, it’d be unfair to call Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding a bad game, and it does have some noteworthy features. For example, the game’s trick system is simpler and considerably more intuitive than 1080 Snowboarding’s, and the floaty physics help with performing tricks successfully. The game’s soundtrack is certainly apt for the game’s genre, although the over-egged, stereotypical voiceovers will irritate even the most ardent of snowboarding fans.

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