Acclaim’s Turok: Rage Wars took the characters and settings of its most popular franchise and inserted them into a multiplayer arena-shooter spin-off.

Turok: Rage Wars does away with a narrative: the campaign (which can be played through cooperatively with another player) is instead a series of deathmatch challenges with the occasional boss battle thrown in. Playing the campaign unlocks additional characters and other features that can then be used in multiplayer (although you’ll need a Controller Pak to save these).

The multiplayer includes standard deathmatch and team deathmatch modes, as well as Capture the Flag and Monkey Tag (a mode where one player is transformed into a monkey which the others must frag to score). The game features pre-selected loadouts as opposed to weapons you pick up, and there are three weapon categories to choose from.

Standard copies of the NTSC version of Turok: Rage Wars (which comes in a black cartridge), feature a game-breaking glitch in the two-player campaign mode, which prevents you from progressing further in the game. Acclaim were aware of this at the time, and offered to exchange faulty games with a revised version that comes on a grey cartridge. Only a small number of people who bought Turok: Rage Wars at the time took advantage of this (as the replacement cartridges weren’t advertised prominently). As a result, the replacement cartridge is now one of the rarest N64 games to find.

Sales figures for Turok: Rage Wars are unknown, but it’s safe to assume that it sold fewer copies than both Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, both of which sold over 1 million copies. Generally, Turok: Rage Wars was not as well received critically as its predecessors.

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