Blizzard Entertainment’s hit real-time strategy game brings the campaigns of the original PC version and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion pack to the N64.

This version of the game features a modified user interface and control setup to accommodate the N64 controller. Otherwise the gameplay is largely similar to the PC original; the key differences are found in StarCraft 64’s presentation, which is notably lower quality due to the considerable storage limitations of the N64’s ROM cartridges. Nevertheless, and perhaps impressively, the game still features some (shortened) full-motion video cutscenes.

Unique to the N64 version is split-screen multiplayer. Players can either go head-to-head or play through missions co-operatively controlling the same army. An N64 Expansion Pak is required in order to play these modes.

StarCraft 64 was released in North America, but the only PAL region to receive an official release of the game was Australia. As a result, this version of the game is now highly sought after by N64 collectors.

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