Whereas Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire had already given N64 owners a taste of 3D flight combat, Rogue Squadron delivered 16 levels of adrenaline-packed missions set across a number of iconic Star Wars worlds.

Rogue Squadron is a standout game in the N64 software library as a result of its superb visuals. Developed by Factor 5, a North American development studio that had a reputation for getting the most out of the hardware it made games for, the game portrayed the look and feel of Star Wars’ vehicles and settings in staggering detail. It was also one of the first N64 games to utilise the N64 Expansion Pak, which made it even easier on the eye.

Set in between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, Rogue Squadron tells the (now non-canon) origins story of the elite Rebel Alliance fighter squadron that took part in the Battle of Hoth.

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