Snowboard Kids 2 is a faithful sequel that builds upon the foundation laid by the first game by introducing new gameplay mechanics.

Whereas the original drew inspiration from Nintendo’s Mario Kart series, Snowboard Kids 2 clearly borrows ideas from Diddy Kong Racing. This time round, the single-player mode now features a story (albeit one that’s incredibly basic), which features an antagonist and numerous boss battles throughout.

There are nine new courses, which are certainly more adventurous in terms of theme; you’ll race in the snowy environments you’d typically expect as well as on tropical islands and even in space. Nearly all of the original cast of characters returns from Snowboard Kids (although one of them appears to have inexplicably changed race), along with some new characters (some of which must be unlocked).

The game’s trick system has also been updated. All characters have the same moveset – meaning that unique special moves are gone – but you can now combine multiple tricks within a single jump to earn more money.

Snowboard Kids 2 retains the same visual style of the original, featuring cartoony character models and bright, colourful settings. The game can be played with up to four players, although the story mode is only a single-player experience.

Despite the first game selling well enough to warrant a sequel, Snowboard Kids 2 wasn’t released in Europe (but a PAL version still made its way to Australia; which is now pretty rare as a result).

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