Despite its novel action-puzzle twist on vermin control, Rat Attack! was ignored and forgotten by the vast majority of N64 owners.

The game puts you in control of one of the Scratch Cats, a band of super-felines who’ve teamed up to stop mutant, super-intelligent rats from taking over the world. Using your “Eraticator”, a sort of energy lasso, you have to trap the pesky vermin and then run over the Destructor Pad to blow them to smithereens.

The game’s colourful, cartoony visuals mean Rat Attack! is (thankfully) nowhere near as graphic as it sounds. You battle the rats across a variety of environments, each with their own obstacles and hazards. Each section of the game features an end boss, during which the game plays more like a simple 3D platformer.

During development, Rat Attack! had a number of working titles such as “Rats” and “Cats and Rats”. According to IGN, the reason for the name change was because these working titles couldn’t be trademarked as they were too generic.

Rat Attack! was also released on the Sony PlayStation a year earlier than the N64 version.