Treasure’s first N64 game bucked the trend of 3D gameplay at the time, opting instead for a classic 2D side-scrolling design that featured innovative and unusual gameplay mechanics.

Taking control of Marina, a robotic maid, you must work your way through over 50 levels in a bid to rescue her creator, Professor Theo. Marina’s abilities include being able to grab, shake and throw objects, and you need to use these skills to solve puzzles and navigate terrain.

Mischief Makers is considered to be a cult classic for the N64. At the time of release, it received mixed reviews from many critics, who criticised the game’s short length, sound, replay value and visuals (the latter seems absurd in hindsight, but polygonal 3D was deemed a big deal at the time).

Mischief Makers is the first game that Treasure developed for a Nintendo system, having previously only made games for SEGA hardware.

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