First released in arcades in 1998, Gauntlet Legends came to the N64 a year later, bringing its signature four-player, hack ‘n’ slash gameplay with it.

After a corrupt mage releases the evil demon, Skorne, from the Underworld, the four realms find themselves subject to his evil rule. Now, four adventurers must team up to do battle against Skorne’s evil forces and the demon overlord himself.

Gauntlet Legends’ arcade-style gameplay makes it one of the N64’s more accessible titles, but that’s not to say that there isn’t any depth to be found. A built-in character progression system means you can level up your chosen warrior as you work through the game (although you sadly need a memory card in order to save it). Each of the game’s stages feature multiple paths you can take, as well as a wealth of collectibles.

The game utilises the N64 Expansion Pak for enhanced visuals, but it’s also required to play the game in four-player mode.

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