Game developers could get away with being a bit more experimental in the late ‘90s, and, as a result, we got treated to some wonderfully bizarre games. Argonaut Games’ Buck Bumble is one such game.

In this game you play as Buck, an anthropomorphised bee with a gun. He lives in a once-natural habitat that has been transformed due to a chemical spill some years prior, resulting in conscious, mutated insects (such as himself) emerging.

Many of these critters have banded together to form the Herd, a supposedly evil organisation hellbent on taking over the habitat and, eventually the entire world. Buck forms part of a resistance who are trying to stop this from happening. In case you thought the premise couldn’t get any weirder, the game features a UK dance track theme song that puts the DK Rap to shame.

As baffling as the premise may be, Buck Bumble’s aerial-based, action-combat gameplay is very familiar, and shares a striking resemblance to Star Fox 64 – not surprising given Argonaut Games co-developed Star Fox for the SNES. Buck moves around in full 3D, and it’s up to you to guide him through levels, shooting down enemies and completing objectives along the way.

The game features two-player multiplayer across two modes. Buck Battle is a standard head-to-head deathmatch, whereas Buzz Ball is a soccer-based mini-game. text

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