A nuclear missile carrier has gone into autopilot mode and is taking the most direct route back to the safe detonation zone. It’s up to the Blast Corps demolition company to clear the way of buildings and other obstacles to prevent a nuclear winter.

You can’t help but scratch your head when it comes to Blast Corps’ premise. After all, you’re trying to stop the destruction of towns and cities by, well, blowing them up yourself. But logic be damned, because Blast Corps gives you an excuse to demolish buildings for the hell of it. As Rare founder once said about Blast Corps in an interview with Retro Gamer magazine (issue 41): “If you knock down buildings, it will be fun.”

It’s not a senseless rampage, however, as Blast Corps often requires you to solve puzzle-like challenges to ensure the missile carrier’s path is not impeded. It’s especially tricky considering you’re usually under a lot of time pressure.

Across a variety of levels you get to use a number of different vehicles, some more straightforward than others. The Ramdozer, for example, is a straightforward bulldozer that you primarily just drive into buildings, whereas the Backlash dump truck – which demolishes buildings by power-sliding backwards into them – requires an incredibly level of mastery to use effectively.

Blast Corps was well received upon release in 1997 and sold over 1 million copies worldwide. It was re-released as part of Rare Replay, an Xbox One compilation of Rare games, that came out in 2015.