N64 Gamepage Automation

Can be used to automatically create gamepages based on spreadsheet in Google Drive.


  • Install Node.js
  • Open command-line console in this folder (./build-pages).
  • Run npm install to get required Handlebars package.


Before following these steps, ensure your repository is up to date with the remote.

  • In command-line console in this folder (./build-pages), run node create-md-files.
  • Commit files you are ready to see go live. Standard Git commands should enable all of this: - Use git status to check which files.
    • Use git diff or git --word-diff to see what’s changed specifically. (Follow this command with the filename to see only changes for that page.)
    • Use git add followed by filename to add the pages you want to commit.
    • Use git commit to commit the change. (Record what the change is in the message.)
    • Use git push origin master to push the changes live.