Whether you’re a hardcore N64 enthusiast or a retro gamer who has an appreciation for a couple of the system’s games, there’s usually one item that stands out above the rest for some reason.

Nintendo 64 games

We recently asked on Twitter what the crown jewel of your N64 collection is. It could be a rare item, your favourite game or just something that you think is pretty neat for some reason.

We got a lot of great responses, and thought it’d be great to go one step further by asking some of those who responded to give a bit more insight into why their chosen item is the “crown jewel”.

FreeXax (@FreeXax64)

FreeXax reviews N64 games on YouTube. He wanted to stand out, and so started reviewing Japanese N64 games. He shared his copy of Getter Love!! with us on Twitter.

Getter Love!! Nintendo 64 box art

“Getter Love!! was one of the more notable games, and I found it practically brand new for a fraction of its usual price,” he tells us (at which point we quickly turned green with envy). This is one of the rarest Japanese N64 games, so to be able to score an original copy is remarkably lucky.

The game takes pride of place in FreeXax’s collection mainly because of its value, but he’s enjoyed it a lot more than he initially thought he would. “I also think that it has one of the best soundtracks from the N64,” he says.

Darren (@Vyothric)

We were temporarily blinded by the dazzling shine of Darren’s gold N64 system when he first shared it with us.

Gold Nintendo 64 system

Darren tolds us that he got the console a few years back off eBay. “I’d been searching for one for a while,” he explains. “It was one of those things that I always wanted as my original N64 I got back in ‘98 was the gold controller limited edition version.”

The fact that Darren found this system at an affordable price is why he considers it to be the crown jewel of his collection. It’s also worth noting that this console doesn’t just sit on a shelf all day; it’s RGB-modded and, as a result, serves as Darren’s main system.

Steve “#N64Memories” Smith (@N64Memories)

Our good friend Steve, who runs the exceptional #N64Memories blog (go check it out, it’s awesome), shared his copy of Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 with us.

Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 Nintendo 64 box art

“I asked for it as a birthday present, but wasn’t expecting it to be complete-in-box,” Steve tells us, revealing that it was his brother who came up trumps with this. Steve wanted it because he’s heard that many raved it was the best N64 wrestling game not released in West. “I agree,” he confirms. “Much faster than WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy, and hilarious commentary are two reasons why!”

Call Me…G! (@StarwindTheBold)

“G”, as their Twitter handle suggests, shared with us a complete-in-box copy of Treasure’s fantastic cabal shooter, Sin & Punishment.

Sin & Punishment Nintendo 64 box art

“I’m a huge fan of Treasure, and Sin & Punishment was one of the few games back in the day that I wanted as a kid when I didn’t have an N64,” G tells us. “I got my copy at an anime convention about 10 years ago in San Antonio after playing the game for the first time on the Wii Virtual Console.”

It was like completing a childhood goal for G when he finally managed to get hold of a copy. “I didn’t get exposed to many N64 games when I was younger but after reading about it in magazines, and it not getting a US release, I was so sad.” It’s the only import N64 game in G’s collection, but to us it sounds like it’s the only one he needs.

Tom Charnock (@TomLeeCee)

Retro game extraordinaire Tom Charnock was quick to respond to our question with what we feel is one of the best things you can buy for your N64: the EverDrive 64. If you’re not sure what it is, then the EverDrive 64 is a cartridge that enables you to load multiple games on it (you can find out more in our recent EverDrive 64 guide.

Tom bought his EverDrive 64 back in 2013. “It was quite expensive, and I recall pestering the guy who supplies the EverDrives as I had to wait several months to receive it.” Little did Tom know that the creator, krikzz, was still making each cartridge by hand at that time!

EverDrive 64 cartridge

Tom had still been collecting N64 games up until this point, but the EverDrive 64 quickly took centre-stage. “It just made total sense to get one and not have to deal with eBay sellers charging ridiculous prices for genuine games,” he tells us. “Plus, playing stuff on it was the main appeal of the N64, not collecting if I’m being honest.”

It’s the crown jewel of Tom’s collection because it now represents his entire N64 software library. “I got rid of most of my carts after the EverDrive arrived and with the most recent firmware it will even play 64DD games – it’s the perfect accompaniment to an N64 console!” We most certainly agree.

RetroGamingGeek (@RetroGamingGeek)

RetroGamingGeek had always bought PAL N64 games. That was until they visited a retro game shop in the US and stumbled upon Japanese versions of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

Japanese Super Smash Bros. 64 box art

“After searching eBay I then discovered how cheap NTSC-J games were in comparison to PAL,” they tell us. More cartridges were bought, one being the copy of Super Smash Bros. that RetroGamingGeek shared with us on Twitter. “I had to have it for its fantastic box art, as is the case with Japanese boxes!”

Japanese Nintendo 64 game boxes

RetroGamingGeek loves all their boxed N64 games, of which they have about 20. However, Super Smash Bros. holds a special place because of its fantastic box art and condition, making it a great display piece.

What’s your favourite item in your N64 collection?

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